hydrogen buses

Transit Systems is investing in hydrogen fuel cell technology, which has advanced significantly in the last 10 years. With a fleet of 10 hydrogen buses in the Transport for London network, we believe hydrogen fuel cell buses can easily, affordably and efficiently replace large fleets of diesel powered buses in terms of capacity and performance.

England’s largest fleet of Hydrogen buses

In the UK, Tower Transit is an operator of hydrogen fuel cell buses that are part of Environmentally Friendly, Efficient, Electric Motion (3Emotion) project. Tower introduced its hydrogen buses in January 2011. The buses operate on a cascade fuelling system delivering gaseous hydrogen that has similar requirements (fuelling procedures and fuelling time) to a traditional diesel bus.


Transit Systems Joins Hydrogen Mobility Australia

31 January 2019

Transit Systems is pleased to become a member of Hydrogen Mobility Australia. Hydrogen Mobility Australia's vision is a hydrogen society built upon clean and renewable energy technology, including hydrogen powered transport. We are pleased to join a collection of vehicle manufacturers, oil & gas companies, infrastructure providers, research organisations, financial institutions and governments with a mission to make this hydrogen vision a reality.


electric buses

Battery-powered buses are seen as the future of sustainable bus services. We have subsequently undertaken extensive industry and local research into the technology and its potential capabilities.

Four electric vehicles will be trialled in Sydney’s inner west from mid-2019