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Transit Systems is an Australian-owned, family company that has built a reputation for a positive work culture and its ability to collaborate effectively with Government to deliver improved services for customers.

The Transit Systems’ group currently operates innovative bus services in Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia, Northern Territory, Singapore and London. We have 6,027 staff servicing 340 million customers on more than 2,989 vehicles.

Established in 1995, Transit Systems’ founders have a passion for designing, delivering and managing reliable, safe, convenient and sensible bus operations. Transit Systems has grown to become the largest bus operator in Australia and is Australia’s only multi-national public transport business.


Our mission

Connecting people, linking communities, finding solutions, creating opportunity, enhancing cities.


With a relentless drive to improve connectivity, reliability, convenience and continual innovation, we are in a constant state of review and analysis to assess usage and demand, ensuring each service remains relevant to the community it is servicing.

We liaise openly with our stakeholders, collaborate with Governments, and listen to our customers as we navigate the options to deliver the best outcome.

The business can only be as successful and strong as our team, which is why we continually invest in our people and put them first - from professional development and training to workplace culture. We believe this strengthens our commitment to providing safe, reliable and convenient passage to the 340M people that we move each year and is a catalyst in driving innovation and delivering world-class services to local communities.


To enhance the lives of our customers and the liveability of the cities in which we operate, by providing access to opportunity and enabling cities to function, every day.

our customer guarantee

Our Customer Guarantee tells our clients, customers and communities what they can expect when they partner with Transit Systems.

 unwavering commitment to service delivery

unwavering commitment
to service delivery

 listen to our customers

listen to
our customers

 dedicated to safe practices

dedicated to
safe practices

 responsible manager of assets

responsible manager
of assets

 navigate problems with tenacity

navigate problems 
with tenacity

 caring for our employees

caring for
our employees

 always look to the future

always looking to
the future

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provide value
for money


Our journey

from a single contract to over 20 operations worldwide