Neil Smith

Neil Smith’s love of transport and what it offers communities drives him everyday, which is a passion that saw him send a letter of recommendations to the NSW Department of Government Transport when he was just 11 years old.



In our business, mediocrity is not acceptable.

Neil Smith’s official career in transport started years later as a trainee manager with the Busways Group in western Sydney in 1972, after obtaining a BA at the University of Sydney.

He has lectured extensively on transport and was also appointed by the Minister for Transport and Disability Services Western Australia as a member of the Independent Panel for Public Transport for Perth, the body responsible for the preparation of the 2031 Transport Plan.

He was also appointed to the Independent Review Panel investigating school bus services in Western Australia and as a “BRT Advocate” at the “Bus Rapid Transit Centre of Excellence” at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.

Following the appointment of CEO Clint Feuerherdt, Mr Smith has pursued opportunities in lecturing and writing, including presentations in Turkey (UITP), Kuala Lumpur (Marcus Evans Conferences), Sydney (Terappin Australia) and Delft, Netherlands and Durban, South Africa (Thredbo Conference on Regulation in Public Transport).

He also has a strong personal interest in the development of leadership training in countries facing economic and political challenges. He has facilitated the construction of a small college in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and is involved in assisting three similar projects in Tanzania, one in the South Sudan and one in Sierra Leone. Mr Smith has travelled extensively in central Africa, generally spending a month of each year there in support of these projects.