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Back to School 2017

Transit Systems school bus services will recommence on Monday 30 January.

Applications for student travel passes (School Opal) should be made as soon as practical to avoid the need to buying cash fares from the driver. Information about student travel passes can be found at or call the helpline on 131 500.

Students travelling on school or public buses must have a valid ticket for every trip. Ticketing options include School, Child or Youth Opal cards; otherwise a cash fare (from $1.30) must be purchased.

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New T80 Timetable - starting 26th November 2016

Route T80 will become Sydney’s first Rapid* route on Saturday 26th November, with a new ‘turn up and go’ timetable in operation throughout the week. Weekday frequencies will be every 10 minutes or better between 6am and 7pm in the peak direction, whilst services at the weekend will operate every 15 minutes.

Changes to the service include:

  • Additional trips during peak hours between Miller and Parramatta
  • Additional trips between Smithfield and Liverpool in the early morning
  • Revis…

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Opal Multi-Mode Travel Cheaper From 5 September 2016

Catching a bus and train, or ferry and train is cheaper for tens of thousands of commuters from Monday 5 September with the introduction of a transfer discount for changing modes when travelling on public transport.

The new $2.00 transfer discount will start Monday morning every time an Adult Opal card customer changes a mode of transport as part of the same journey.

Opal card customers accessing concession fares will receive a transfer discount of $1.00 when they change mode on a journey.

Many cu…

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Paper tickets to be withdrawn

From Monday 1 August 2016, paper tickets will no longer be sold or accepted on trains, buses, ferries and light rail within the Opal network.

To travel on public transport in Sydney and surrounding regions, you will need an Opal card or an Opal single bus ticket.

If you don’t have your Opal card, you will be able to purchase an Opal single bus ticket from the driver on board buses (except on pre-paid services).

More information

• Get an Opal card (link to
• Paper ticket refunds (link to will be available until 30 October 2016.

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