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Liverpool - Parramatta Transitway

liverpool lineTransit Systems is currently the only service provider operating along the Liverpool - Parramatta Transitway (LPT), Sydney's first bus rapid transit corridor. The LPT first opened in 2003 and is 31km in length with 33 stations in each direction; 20kms are a dedicated bus only road with the remaining 11kms operating as priority lanes alongside general traffic.

With the LPT connecting two of western Sydney’s principle activity centres, it's primary function is not to provide end-to end travel which is more easily undertaken by rail, but service the numerous residential and employment centres along the route, and wider transport choices at Bonnyrgg, Prairiewood.and at each end.

Whilst a number of bus services operate along short lengths of the LPT, route T80 is the only service operating from end to end. From 2003 and up until October 2013 the T80 was operated by the NSW Government operator Western Sydney Buses. Transit Systems successful bid for the operation of services in the region meant the service was the first publicly operated route transferred to a private operator.

Following Transit Systems commencement as service provider, improvements have steadily been made to make travel simple for customers. In April 2015 a new ‘turn up and go’ timetable was introduced on the T80, leading to patronage growth of more than 25%. The weekday improvements have since been followed up with a similar weekend change (November 2016) and delivered Sydney's first Rapid bus route.



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